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2018 South American World Cup qualifying game fifth round, Argentina 2-1 away to beat Chile. Although No. 10 Maillot Lionel Messi pas cher owner did not score, but his role is still not be overlooked.

After the match, Argentina "La Nacion" said: "Barcelona player' performance in the national team is different from Barcelona. But in Argentina, he is now the flag of the team. Although did not fully play his individual level, but each time he got the ball, the whole defence of the opponent is trembling. "

Data show that the first half Messi 37 times got the ball, which is the team highest. And the whole game he had 50 passes, that is also the team highest.

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The major reason of Messi has not been able to score is that he did a great personal sacrifice for the team's benefit. In Argentina, Messi completely became the organizer of the attack, in the most time of the game, he create opportunities for his teammates. In addition, Messi also actively participate in defensive.